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Weekly Reminder #3 Dear beloved, I know you have your dreams But time is short;It won’t work unless you do. Twitter: @Wandered_Sole


Weekly Reminder #2 When God opens a doorNo one can take it away from you;So take heartYour break will also come… SOON. Twitter: @Wandered_Sole

Not Because of You

Weekly Reminder #1 You are where you are right now Not because of your abilities, talents, nor skills. It is because of God who has brought you that far; Thus, you have nothing to boast about. Twitter: @Wandered_Sole

How are You?

“How are you?“ Simple words. Might already a cliche, but very powerful. Thus, don’t be in doubt to ask someone how he is, for through this, you might reach those who are secretly in pain, in grief, in anxiety, or in hopelessness. Let him feel … Continue reading How are You?


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About Me

Hi, call me Ms. H! I’m a licensed educator, a freelance tutor and proofreader. I confide myself with a paper or music. While eyes closed, dissecting words, making my own world, I lost myself whenever I’m in old song. Above all, I am a pluviophile.

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