Welcome to Wandered Sole!

About the Site

Wandered Sole is for the singles yet empowered women. For those who are strong, passionate, and enthusiastic, with hunger for learning, and thirst for betterment.

It salutes those women who are not afraid to wander independently until they wonder.

About Me

I’m more of myself when I’m alone.
I’m more of a listener and observer than a speaker.

My writing? Honestly, I don’t consider it as a gift;


rather, a habit that has been built

from being a child who couldn’t express herself to many

to being an adult who couldn’t entrust her thoughts and emotions just to anybody.

On the other hand, Music is one of my best sources of advice.


Its lyrics convey me messages, while its tune gives me comfort.

Through playing musical instruments (guitar and keyboard), it helps me vent my inner sound.

Moreover, I am not a fan of modern songs. I am more of an old soul.

This just reflects that music is my best friend, while pen is my confidant.